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RITES offers communication systems for Offshore purposes. This includes a variety of Radio communication systems used in the offshore industry including microwave links as well as Fiber Optic Cable-based systems for coastal areas. On oilrigs and production platforms, the focus is on communication and control of workboats, supply vessels and helicopters. Internal communication among the platform workforce and communication to neighboring platforms and a possible on-shore site are also important features of the system. Total Solutions Example:

  • Point to Point Digital Microwave Link
  • Point to Multipoint Solution
  • VHF Maritime band trunk radio system
  • Aeronautical band trunk radio system   
  • Service trunk radio system  
  • Paging and telephone connections  
  • Intrinsically safe portable radios  
  • Efficient control room operation  
  • Digital Voice and Data Multiplexer
  • Public Address and General Alarm
  • Video Surveillance System (CCTV)


Oil Fields Closed-Circuit
Television (CCTV) Systems

cctv2As a System Integrators of CCTV Systems, RITES has full control of the design and engineering of systems utilizing from one camera to one hundred cameras. We have a solution for each type of installation to give customers a reliable and cost  effective CCTV system by using unique explosion proof dome cameras and fiber optic networks to minimize the quantity of cables. Closed-Circuit  Television (CCTV) Systems allow operators to monitor and record images for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance, and safety. RITES designs and implements CCTV systems which can be integrated with any new or legacy operating system. RITES supports a wide variety of manufacturer camera- control  protocols, compression algorithms, and recording formats. We also specialize in systems for Hazardous Areas.


Public Address/General Alarmspector_prod



Offshore operational safety require reliable and efficient mechanism to inform persons on board of hazardous situations as and whenever the need arise. Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) is used for the installation of alarm systems and must be designed to be the most reliable and efficient to meet the codes and regulations without being cost prohibitive.

RITES is the Authorized Sole Distributor for Spector Lumenex (A member of Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions) products. We design and supply system solutions that comply with recognised standards, such as BS5839 & EN60849

Other related products/solution
• Voice alarm & public address systems (PAVA)
• General Alarm & public address systems (PAGA)
• Explosion proof and hazardous area PAGA systems (ATEX)
• Explosion proof flashing beacons (ATEX)
• Explosion proof intercom (ATEX)
• Automated announcer systems
• Communications for hearing impaired
• Communications in difficult acoustic environments
• Fire telephone systems
• Integration with existing fire alarm systems
• Background music & automated advertising
• Sound reinforcement solutions

Satellite Communications
satcomWhether you require coverage on land, sea, or in the air, RITES gives you the flexibility of satellite communications using a single, cost-effective, secure network. In essence, we utilize one digital communications cell that covers most of the hemisphere.

RITES provides a wide variety of satellite communication systems and network services.

Microwave Communications
microwaveWe provide Professional Engineering Services to assist clients with design and installation of new microwave communications systems, upgrade of existing systems to new technology, such as an analog to digital upgrade.

micro_antRITES can assist with the expansion of existing network capabilities to greater and more versatile channel capacities or the integration of existing or new system with a fiber network.

RITES also have engineers available to trouble shoot, analyze, and resolve existing system problems.

Two-way Radio Equipment
vhfradioRITES provides a wide variety of conventional and trunking radio products as well as Marine and Aviation radio equipment.

RITES can provide a complete turn key radio system for your business. We can perform a coverage analysis to determine an estimated range of your system and the talk back ranges of handhelds and mobiles.